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Is it Right For Me?

If you are considering taking classes through the Internet, you’ve probably already heard about the many advantages that online training provides students from all walks of life. So we won’t take time here to document how online students score better on the licensing exams, and how online training is rated the most popular form of learning today.  What you probably are more interested in knowing is simply, “Is it right for me?”

That’s a fair question.
You may have been away from the classroom or learning environment for some time.  You may have had difficulty in High School, or remember how hard it was for you to study back then. You may have learned English as a second-language, or you may simply just “hate math.”

All these concerns, and many others, are valid and are worthy of exploration.  But to be sure that “It’s right for you,” click on the Diagnostic Test below, and in less than 3-minutes, you’ll have your results.

3-Minute Online Learning Diagnostic Quiz

By coming to Approved Real Estate Academy’s web site you are already sufficiently skilled to be able navigate the Internet. This Diagnostic contains a mix of 10 questions that relate to your particular learning style, technology, and your comfort level with Internet-based training.

There are no right or wrong answers. Simply indicate which answer seems the best fit or match to you, and we’ll do the rest. Results are instantaneous.

1. When I think about what I have to do today, I

See a picture in my mind

See a list in my mind or think of words

Draw a blank until I look at my notes or calendar

2. I normally understand new things better after I

Try it out for myself

Think it through

Have someone explain it to me

3. My access to technology is

Good. I have a computer with Internet access and an e-mail account.

Not a problem. I can easily get to a computer with Internet access on a regular basis and I have an e-mail account.

Limited. I do not have easy regular access to a computer or the Internet. I do not have an e-mail account.

4. The main reason I am interested in taking my classes online is

Time- I understand it is the fastest way to learn and to get licensed and I don’t want to drag it out in a classroom.

Style- I like the idea of going at my own pace, taking the course whenever I want, and focusing on what I need to study.

Money- I know it is the least expensive way to get licensed and I don’t want to overpay.

5. When learning a new concept, it helps when I can

Read about it

See examples of it.

Dialogue about it

6. Face-to-face communication with a teacher is

Not essential to me. I understand that effective learning can happen without this physical ingredient.

Important to me. But if that is not physically possible I know that there are other forms of communication with teachers like phone, forums, and email that can work.

Essential to me. I can’t learn unless I can interact live with my instructor.

7. I prefer to get new information in the form of

Written words, verbal information

Pictures, diagrams, charts, and graphs

Live lecture or verbal instruction

8. When I meet new people, I am more inclined to remember

What they said

What they did

What they wore

9. When a teacher starts a new class with an outline of what we’re going to cover, I

Feel like it is valuable

Feel like it is important but don’t want to waste my time with it

Feel like it is a joke, because classes never follow the outline.

10. In terms of reading, I would consider myself

A good reader who understands most of the text without assistance

An average reader who sometimes needs help understanding certain texts

A below-average reader, who often needs help understanding the text.

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