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Property Management

Special Property Management Online Course for only $49

Love Real Estate but need a steady income with a commission Property Management is for you.

Property management involves leasing, building maintenance rent collection and repair.   In California a Property Manager will work under a Real Estate Broker and will have their Salesperson License.   Like a Real Estate Agent selling properties the Property Manager will be under the supervision and over site of a broker.

Never has the need for Property Managers been greater.   If you look at the high cost of buying a home, you will see why people of all ages are choosing to rent over buying a home.   The need for property managers is real and we get calls every day from lager rental companies that want our students.  Until home prices become “Affordable” we see this need will continue to exist for the foreseeable future.


Our Property Management Career Certificate will provide you with the understanding of property management and will help you advance your career with a steady paycheck.

The course will take you only 18 days to complete and will cover the following:

  1.  Professional Property Management
  2. Property Management Economics and Planning
  3. Owner Relations
  4. Marketing
  5. Leases
  6. Lease Negotiations
  7. Tenant Relations
  8. Maintenance and Construction
  9. Managing the Office and Reports
  10. Federal and State Laws
  11. Residential Property
  12. Specialized Housing
  13. Office Property
  14. Retail Property
  15. Industrial Property
  16. Risk and Environmental Issues
  17. Life Safety Issues

This Property Management class at the discounted rate of $49 is only for our students taking our Real Estate Course.