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How to Get a Real Estate License

Obtaining a real estate license in California is not difficult if you know what to expect and can fulfill the requirements. With more experience in the Real Estate Industry than many of our competitors, we at Approved Real Estate Academy have assembled the most current real estate Pre License training courses to teach you exactly what you need to know to pass the actual California State real estate license exam you will be taking – the first time!

Approved Real Estate Academy was set up to train agents to a higher standard and to set them up for a profitable carer in real estate.   With our real life  student success stories, and hundreds  of online training hours gives us the confidence to know that if you attend online license courses at, you will pass your California State real estate license exam the first time.  Plus, you’ll be completely equipped to start making money as a Real Estate Salesperson in California!

It is important that you know that obtaining your real estate license is not solely about taking the real estate exam.    The following should help increase your knowledge in this regard.  We are here to help.  Call or email us questions any time.  You will always get straight answers as we hope that when your get your license you will join Approved Real Estate Academy as a full time agent.

Common Misconceptions
First, let’s clear up some misconceptions about how you get a real estate license that you may have seen on other Internet sites or elsewhere, and that have come up with some of our real estate students over the years:

Q. “I saw a competitor’s site refer to a real estate license that is good throughout the USA. Is that true?”

A. NO. There is no such thing as a National real estate license. Each state has adopted and enforces its own real estate laws and regulations regarding the practice of real estate licensing, for the general purpose of protecting the consumer. So you must study for and pass your state’s real estate license specifically.

Q. “I saw a site that offers practice exams for what they call a ‘typical’ real estate license. Would this be beneficial?”

A. NO. While real estate practice exams in general are extremely beneficial, there is no such thing as a “typical” real estate license. Most states have more than one type of real estate license, (salesperson and broker), and most states’ definitions of what a “salesperson” can do, and what a “broker” can do in the industry, vary. A few states, like Colorado for example, have gone to a “Broker only” licensing. So you have to know what your state is offering, and what they will be testing you on, specifically. No license in the USA is “typical”.

Q: But if I already have taken the required pre-license course for my state, are Exam Prep tools that let me practice taking the state tests beneficial?

A: Yes. Research shows that once you have taken your Pre-License course, the best way to help ensure that you’ll pass your licensing exam the first time out, is to practice taking similar exams for many days in advance. For more information check out the information here: Real Estate License Exam Prep Master

Q. . “I found a site that offers practice Q&As for all 50 states, but they don’t say anything about state-required real estate Pre License courses. Can I just buy these practice exams, and then go take my real estate license exam to get licensed?

A. NO. Almost every state requires that you complete some form of real estate Pre License course, and demonstrate the successful completion of that course and the minimum number of training hours, before they will allow you to schedule your real estate license exam. Most states permit you to take this course not only online, like here at Approved Real Estate Academy, but also in live classrooms, or even by way of a correspondence course. But you need to find out what the current requirements are in your state. To do that, read on …

The Process of Obtaining Your License
How you get a real estate license will vary from state to state, but will usually involve minimum age requirements, certain education and/or experience requirements, applications and fees, and other state-specific details. So you must be sure that you know the relevant information from your state before you get too deep in preparing for your real estate exam. Remember: What your friend did last year to get her real estate license in your state, and what your Uncle did yesterday to obtain his real estate license in a different state, is meaningless. You have to know the most current requirements and procedures from your state, that are in effect today.

The Differences in Tests and Testing Providers
Twenty years ago most states tested real estate license candidates themselves, out of a state government office, using #2 pencils and scan type answer sheets. Today, although there are a few exceptions, most states use outside testing providers, who are hired by the state to handle the testing process for them. The way each provider goes about testing you, and the procedures surrounding their tests will vary. Additionally, because state governments are sensitive to fiscal accountability, states change testing providers periodically.

Most if not all of the information and wisdom you need regarding the process of how to obtain your real estate license in your state should be able to be found using the aforementioned links and resources. Once the preliminary decisions are made, you’ll then be on the road toward the ultimate goal of taking and passing your licensing exam the first time.

Trust us, you do not want to invest this much time and energy to end the journey with a failed state licensing exam as the result. Research shows that if you fail the exam the first time, your odds of getting your license go down drastically. Statistically, the percentage of candidates who do stick with the restudy and retesting process after failing the first time is extremely low. And if they did fail the exam the first time, the materials they used to prepare the first time were probably not current, potent, or effective- so more expense is involved in getting a better Pre License course the second time around.

That’s why it’s important to keep the goal in mind when selecting your real estate Pre License course or school. Ultimately, the best course and system is the one which gives you the best chance of passing your state real estate license exam the first time. So check out the statistics. In states that measure and keep track of school performance, for the past 6+ years, Approved Real Estate Academy has consistently been ranked #1 in first-time pass rates by state real estate boards and commissions that track such statistics, not only compared to every other online school, but live schools as well!

Achieving Your Ultimate Goal
If the goal is passing your real estate license exam the first time, so you can get your license fast and get started on this highly rewarding and lucrative career path now, which course should you take? The one that consistently helps only 50% of their students pass their exam the first time, or the one that averages over 90% successful first time pass rates?

Bottom Line
Approved Real Estate Academy students consistently pass their real estate license exam the first time after taking our Pre License course. And they do it faster and more conveniently than any other system in the marketplace.  We know because Approved Real Estate Academy works with all major real estate companies in Southern California.  Our Real Estate Brokers hire agents every day and we have to be the best in education.

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