Overview & Course Selection for Approved Real Estate Academy


Overview and Course Selection

An applicant for the real estate salesperson examination must show proof of three courses prior to the state exam.  Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and Real Estate Finance.  The complete pre-license package represents our most successful method for passing the state exam.

Preparing to Pass the State Salesperson Examination

Jim Forde, Director of Approved Real Estate Academy Teaching Real Estate Practice

Jim Forde, Director of Approved Real Estate Academy Teaching Real Estate Practice

Approved Real Estate Academy offers a unique program, which includes online courses or textbook based courses with the benefit of “Live Personal Instructor” support. This combination of distance education with instructor support has proven to be a superior method of preparing to pass the state salesperson examination.  Courses include on-line homework assignments and on-line final examinations.  Our Pre-License Package also includes practice tests for the state exam, full on line review crash course with the benefit of “Live Personal Instructor” support.  Plus 27 hours of live instruction.

The California Bureau of Real Estate has approved the course material for Approved Real Estate Academy.   The sponsor ID from the California Bureau of Real Estate is S0587.

Salesperson Pre-License Package

Our complete pre-license package features Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and Real Estate Finance, state exam practice questions, and 27 hours of live instruction.  It is like getting the best crash / review course once a week for 9 weeks.  This complete pre-license package represents our most successful method for passing the state exam.

We offer online courses or textbook based courses with the benefit of online chapter quizzes, online final examinations, and Personal Instructor Support.

With our experience in real estate education, we understand that interaction between instructor and learner is one of the most important features of an effective learning program. With this in mind, all of Approved Real Estate Academy pre-license students are assigned a “personal instructor” to answer course-related questions.

We have learned that our students are more satisfied with their learning experience and ultimately more successful on the state licensing examination if they are in frequent contact with their personal instructor.

Salesperson Pre-License Package Includes:


    1. Real Estate Principles 45 Hours.


    2. Real Estate Practice 45 Hours.


    3. Real Estate Finance 45 hours.


    4. 27 Hours of live instruction. Once a week for 9 weeks.


    5. 3 Physical textbooks with on line chapter quizzes and final examinations.


    6. California State Exam Drill and Practice Questions with Answers.


    7. Customizable Real Estate Agent Website.


    8. Career guidance.


    9. 18 Live sales classes to get you on a fast track.


    10. Live agent to student mentoring.


    11. Your

Personal Instructor

    to answer course-related questions.


    12. 3 Hour Flip, Foreclosure and Personal Investing Class with notes.


    13. Jim’s Notes on how to pass State Exam the First Time.


    14. No time limit. Come to any classes as often as you wish.


    15. Pass or Don’t Pay.






We understand that financing your education can be stressful. But we’re here to help with flexible options.  If you need to finance the $459.00 educational cost or need more money for any reason not a problem.  We work with a number of Credit Card Companies that will give you 0% interest to finance your education.    The sooner you start filling out the simple application the sooner you can relax. We’ve been helping students like you for years, and we can help you too.

Click here to go to our Educational Financing Page

Do It Your Way

Some students want it get their Real Estate “THEIR WAY”.

We understand this. You may order the items in our Pre-License Package separately.

But please note that when you add every thing up our Pre-License Package is the best method of preparing for the California State Exam!


One course

$89.00 + $12.00 Shipping

Format #1: Online Courses


Format #2: Traditional Courses with textbooks

$89.00 + $12.00 Shipping


Which is better: Textbooks or On-Line?

Most of our students feel that the textbooks are better as you can mark them up and use them for a reference. With the textbooks you get the quizzes and final exam on-line.

Multiple courses

If you enroll in two or more courses and pay for all courses at the same time, the fee is $89.00 for the first course plus only $65.00 for each additional course purchased at the same time. You will choose the courses from a drop-down menu on a subsequent screen.

2 courses

Online Courses

With Textbooks
$89.00 + $65 ($65 x 1) = $154.00 + $13.00 Shipping (purchase) (purchase)
3 courses

Online Courses

With Textbooks

$89.00 + $130 ($65 x 2) = $219.00 + $13.00 Shipping (purchase) (purchase)

California Final Briefing Examinations

$40.00 + $11.00 Shipping (purchase)


  • Booklet with over 700 written practice questions with explained answers

Online Final Briefing Examinations

$40.00 (purchase)


  • Sort and create exams by subject category
  • Create exams of 5, 10, 25, and 100 questions
  • Automatic grading with explained answers
  • Hide questions you previously answered correctly
  • Answers include links to an extensive glossary

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Additional Products

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