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Your Courses are iPad Ready!

Yes, you not only can take your courses online from any laptop or computer, you also can do so from your iPad! Every course here at Approved Real Estate Academy is Apple iPad®-ready.

100% HTML- No Adobe Flash® Required!

Unlike other online courses that are dependent on downloading of other programs like Adobe Flash®, which are NOT iPad compatible, everything in your course that you normally access through a computer, you can access through your iPad!

From Computer, to Laptop, to iPad.

Many of our students tell us that this gives them much more flexibility in their training. One student wrote:

“I did Unit 6 on my computer at home last night. Then during my lunch hour at work, using my laptop at work, I went on to Unit 7, and bookmarked it. On the ride home in carpool that evening I pulled out my iPad and picked up right where I left off!”

Even on your iPad, all your bookmarks, practice quiz results, and progress is stored and remembered, so no matter when or where you get back to your course, you pick up where you last left off.

Just one more reason more students just like you choose Southern California’s Favorite Online School – Approved Real Estate Academy for their training.

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