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Pass Your California Real Estate License Exam the First Time!

Did you know that in California, of all the hopeful real estate license candidates like you who enter the licensing exam on test day, less than half will pass! How can you make sure that you are one of the fortunate 50% who pass the California real estate license exam? It all boils down to this:

You must know exactly what to expect in advance, so you will have ZERO surprises on exam day.

Don’t be fooled. The secret to passing your California real estate license exam the first time is not having the most real estate knowledge in your head, but having the right information in your head on test day. The California Real Estate license Exam is one of the most difficult in the country, and there is a lot of information to remember. Most Real Estate Licensing Schools and courses are effective in getting your head full, as are some of the better textbooks. But practically, there are no schools or textbooks that can give you enough real estate license exam practice, with the latest test questions, delivered to you in a way that really prepares you to take and pass the California real estate license exam the first time.

Often, these resources fill you up with so much data that will not appear on your California real estate license exam, you enter the exam overflowing with knowledge, but short on wisdom. Research reveals that candidates who fail the test the first time, are usually those who do not lack knowledge, but those who lacked sufficient prep, practice and experience in taking the exam – or completing it on time.

The Key to First-Time Victory on the California Real Estate License Exam

The key to first-time victory on your California real estate exam boils down to this:

  1. Understanding what you WILL be tested on,
  2. Understanding what you will NOT be tested on, and
  3. Preparing sufficiently and repeatedly with enough practice exams, so that on test day there will be NOTHING you haven’t seen or experienced before!

Our Review Course is your personal pre-test fitness class (and coach) – with only one goal in mind – getting you so shaped up and prepped for your California real estate license exam that it will be impossible for you not to pass the first time!

To pass your test the first time, it’s not how much you know about real estate, but how well you’ve been trained to pass the real estate exam.

 Can you imagine how it feels to wake up on exam day for your California Real Estate License, knowing that you are not only prepared topically and mentally to ace your California Real Estate Exam, but also constitutionally? We’ve heard from thousands of real estate salesperson and broker candidates over the years and one common theme always resounds:

What is critical to success in passing your California real estate exam the first time is the ability to retrieve knowledge from your memory quickly and accurately, regardless of the difficulty level of any individual question, or the stress level of the process. Only Approved Real Estate Academy

Our Review Course gives you an Exam Practice system that automatically gears up the difficulty-level of the Practice Exams you take from day to day, making sure you are at your peak performance quotient right before you sit for your actual licensing exam. If you take and pass all of the Approved Real Estate Academy California Real Estate Exam Prep Master Practice Exams in linear order according to our instructional-design, including the Definitions, Math and State-Specific exams, and finish with the two Final Exams just a few days before your test-date, you should pass the California real estate exam the first time.

Pass Your California Real Estate Exam the First Time

Our Review Course was created by the oldest and most experienced online real estate exam prep school in Orange County, California, providing you with both the tools, and the techniques you need in order to pass your California real estate exam the first time – GUARANTEED! With content written in 2019, and updated to reflect the most current law changes, Our Review Course has quickly become the most popular real estate license practice system available. The Approved Real Estate Academy’s award-winning study group and real estate practice exam system has helped people in Orange County, California pass the California state exam the first time – and now, all that wisdom and California-specific knowledge is delivered to you in the same way a private tutor or coach would- through carefully timed practice exams, and a commentary explaining every answer.

But that’s not all. Because you’ll be able to practice all the most important math problems, and test-drive the latest California-specific questions with the same convoluted formats and purposely imprecise language that you’ll see on the California real estate exam, you’ll have no surprises on exam day!  Our Review Course fully prepares you to succeed on your salesperson’s exam – because you will have seen it, and practiced it all before.

With our California Real Estate Review Course

From the first moment you log on to our Review Course with  up-to-date real estate practice exams and system, you will recognize the difference. You are not putting your success into the hands of amateurs, or online newcomers who only recently pulled together 50 state’s worth of exam questions.

All of  our Review Course material is new, and updated to reflect the most current law changes, derived from California’s most recent laws, rules and regulations – and reflects everything that you will face when you take the California real estate license test all borne out of over  years of certified classroom and online experience teaching students of all ages to pass their real estate exam the first time.

All of our content, including over 900 original questions, answers and commentaries, and all of our tools such, are all designed for one thing: to tune you up to pass the California real estate exam the first time.

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