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Questions for the Director – Jim Forde

Jim Forde, DirectorSitting down at the conference room table in my office, meeting with people who are considering becoming a new agent by attending our school, I often get asked the same questions and I typically answer them the same way.

What kind of training does Approved Real Estate Academy provide?

You really need to sit down with me and go over our packet of training information that we have prepared. I used to sit with people and just say “A lot” because we truly have a large amount of training:

We have regular Wednesday evening meetings where we discuss  every thing in the text books and answer questions.  Most important we teach you how to pass the State Real Estate Exam the first time.

Each student has a mentor that will go over whats happening in the market, whats happening at the Real Estate companies that we work with.  Our students give examples of things they are trying to do to get more business, we announce networking and external training events, we hold each other accountable to our goals, and we discuss more ways to make more money.  Approved Real Estate Academy is the only real estate school that does this type of hands on training.

We also have special training on some other random topics. There have been personality tests, motivational speakers, Title company presentations, classes on how to successfully network, field trips to establish suggestions for a seller when they are about to list their home, home showing techniques, and many others.

Even with all of the formal training sessions, one of the most beneficial items for training is that everyone at Approved Real Estate Academy has an open door policy. I love all aspects of real estate and am happy to get a call from you asking how to fill out a contract or what to do in an odd situation. Our students will be able to go with agents when they have appointments for a shadowing session.  Our agents  are always sharing ideas and tips with our students.

Is it a good time to get into Real Estate?

This situation happens to me at least once a week, it’s always the same pattern of conversation. I meet someone and they ask, “What do you do?” I tell them, “I’m in Real Estate” and they get a sympathetic look on their face, “Oh I’m sorry”. My positive response typically surprises and excites them, “Actually Real Estate is great. Interest rates are low, buyers are buying, investors are buying foreclosures, people are renting properties like crazy, banks are listing their properties with us, we are doing a ton of Broker Price Opinions, There aren’t as many agents in the business, and we are dominating Google search results and generating a lot of business.” So yes, I think it’s a great time to get into real estate, deals are happening. You have to try hard, keep busy, and be flexible in the way you get deals done.

Whats different about Approved Real Estate Academy from other companies?

I always struggle with this answer, not because there is not plenty that’s different about Approved Real Estate Academy, but because, maybe there is too much. I usually like to meet with someone and learn about them first, find out what is important to them, and find out which area of our “differences” I should focus on. So if you really want an in depth answer, come and meet with me. Here’s a quick overview:  We mentor our students. We subsidize an abnormally large amount of things for our students, we are small enough to give our students personal attention and big enough to give them the tools and resources they really need, We have an amazing  training program.  I am told over and over again that Approved Real Estate Academy are the best Real Estate Trainers in Orange County.

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