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Sample Course Snapshot – Outline

  Course Snapshot – Outline


This course is a candid and up front practicum on a subject that is often overlooked by the busy salesperson or broker, but one that, in our ever-increasingly litigious society, is more current and relevant now than ever before. Risky Business addresses the reality of, and the approach to the wide variety of risks that the real estate professional may encounter today, and includes basic principles of risk management, loss control strategy, square footage challenges, agency, risk issues in fair housing, and antitrust.

It contains eight, user-friendly units:

  1. What is Risk?
  2. Loss Control Strategies
  3. Practical Methods for Reducing/Managing Risk
  4. Calculate the Square Footage
  5. Agency
  6. Fair Housing Part I
  7. Fair Housing Part II
  8. Antitrust

Course Objectives

  • Discover some of the most “risky” elements of real estate
  • Understand the basics of risk management
  • Learn the key elements of a loss control strategy
  • Understand square footage calculation challenges and some ways to reduce that risk
  • Know principles of agency
  • Learn the key risk issues in fair housing
  • Be introduced to the principles of antitrust
  • Know how to integrate risk management into your workplace

Like all Approved Real Estate Academy courses, Risky Business has a number of unique learning tools built in to make your learning experience that much more effective enjoyable, including links to other Risky Business resources, a course glossary, a course Discussion Forum and more.




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