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Recent study demonstrates The Fastest Way to a New Career is likely in the field of Real Estate


With the unemployment rate reaching shocking new levels and the urgency for career solutions that don’t require years to ramp up, many are taking a second look at a career in real estate. Sound crazy? Actually it makes perfect sense.

Companies that provide online real estate education note the following reasons for this career rotation into real estate:

  • A Fast Start – it requires only about 10 weeks of education
  • A Low Cost – Tuition is generally less than $500
  • A Great High-Paying Job – You should be able to get a job where you can earn $50,000 in the first year if you work at it

Jim Forde, the Director of the a real estate education company, notes, “There is no career path that allows you to train so rapidly, and start the income rolling in so quickly, as that of a real estate professional. In California, you can take your entire training curriculum online.”

When compared with other careers one can attain online, such as medical biller, paralegal, secretary, or any of the 2-4 year degreed professions, none can offer such short training or immediate payback. Most of these non real estate alternatives range from 1-4 years of education and cost between 3 – 10 times the cost of becoming a real estate agent. Mr. Forde the director of Approved Real Estate Academy, known o the internet as, has posted a comparison of the top ten careers one can get attain online compared with becoming a real estate agent. That comparison, seen here, provides compelling evidence to support his assertions.

What is as convincing as Mr. Forde’s data is that he is hands on working with the agents every day. Mr. Forde asks, “What are these future real estate agents saying? They are saying that a new career in real estate makes perfect sense.”

About Approved Real Estate Academy:

Approved Real Estate Academy is located in Irvine, California, It is one of the best Real Estate Schools in Orange County, California. Approved Real Estate Academy is one of the only providers of online real estate education in Orange County that been offering online real estate license courses and real estate exam prep since with live sales teaching.

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