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Orange County’s Leading Real Estate Career School Embraces Social Media to Connect With Its Customers


Approved Real Estate Academy, known online as, reports an increasing number of its customers are coming from Twitter and Facebook.

The advent of Social Media has opened whole new avenues for online companies to connect with its customers.

Jim Forde, one of the Directors of Approved Real Estate Academy indicates that more marketing time is being spent on Social Media. All of our management now collaborate regularly to develop marketing initiatives to reach Twitter and Facebook users.

The company has also developed new internal procedures around Social Media to more efficiently administer to those using these new forms of online communication. ‘Twitter Specials’ and ‘Tweet Decks’ are replacing mailers and the post office. A creative example is how they now deploy automated monitoring tools to seek out communications involving ‘real estate’ and ‘online careers’. When these communication threads are discovered, offers the services of its online real estate school. Currently only a small portion of their business comes through Social Media avenues, but they see it as a growing area that is screaming to be served. Approved Real Estate Academy also notes an interesting phenomenon occurring in the blogosphere where people are using their blogs to share feedback about their consumer experience. Lisa Medina, a recent Approved Real Estate Academy graduate in California, used her blog to describe her experience with the company.

The advent of Social Media has necessitated other changes to his company, Jim Forde adds, “We have integrated new processes and new language around Social Media. What shocks us is why some of our competitors aren’t embracing this”.

As a measure of the growing importance of Social Media for online companies, Jim Forde notes “In the early days of Keller Williams Realty, it was all about the telephone. Today, our Career Specialists report that over 25% of all conversations are done digitally, through online chat and e-mail.”

Online companies are being forced to look at how they market. Those companies that embrace and adopt Social Media are far more likely to succeed than those who continue to do things as they always have.

About Approved Real Estate Academy:

Approved Real Estate Academy is located in Tustin, California, It is one of the best Real Estate Schools in Orange County, California. Approved Real Estate Academy is one of the only providers of online real estate education in Orange County that been offering online real estate license courses and real estate exam prep since with live sales teaching.

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Approved Real Estate Academy
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Santa Ana, CA 92705
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