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Orange County, CA Real Estate Education Provider Is Bucking This Market


Orange County, CA Real Estate Education Company is not just surviving in this market, they are growing. What is their secret? No surprises, just some fundamental business management 101. sells , including licensing and continuing education for real estate agents in Southern California. First, they had the foresight to remain debt free and sock away a sizable chuck of earnings for just such an opportunity. In the midst of this economy, most companies are not finding much opportunity. ” Opportunity indeed!”, says Jim Forde, the company’s Director. “We are using this downturn in the real estate market to significantly re-invest in the breadth and depth of our online real estate library.”

“Secondly, we have also had to get more creative about how to find our customers”, says Forde, is entering into creative partnerships with real estate brokers and Colleges. “It’s a win-win says Jim Forde, Director of Approved Real Estate Academy. They gain new agents and students while we expand our customer base”. Forde adds that no potential customer is off their radar. “Our students have included the likes of 80 year old Fletcher “Woody” Woodruff, Service men stationed in Iraq, sailors aboard US aircraft carriers, and probably your neighbor down the street. Challenging times call for creative minds”, insists Forde. has also re-designed their web site and made numerous other technology and process improvements to make things even easier for students.

As Forde says, “We hear everybody moaning about the market. At, we are investing in our future and any company, large or small, that intends to thrive in the years to come, better be thinking the same way. Frankly, we are excited about the turnaround. When? We don’t know. But when it does, we will be ready for lift off.”

About Approved Real Estate Academy:

Approved Real Estate Academy
is located in Irvine, California, It is one of the best Real Estate Schools in Orange County, California. Approved Real Estate Academy is one of the only providers of online real estate education in Orange County that been offering online real estate license courses and real estate exam prep since with live sales teaching.

For more information about Approved Real Estate Academy, go to

Jim Forde
Approved Real Estate Academy
4040 Barranca Pkwy., Ste. 150
Irvine, CA 92604


Phone: 714-875-0979

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