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Practice Course

California Real Estate Practice – 45 hours

California Real Estate Practice TextbookReal Estate Practice is one mandatory courses the DRE requires all potential licensees to take.
Among subjects discussed in this course the major topics of California Law, Agency Issues, Contracts and
Closings, Financing, Taxation, Leasing and other practical topics geared toward the successful practice of real estate in the state of California. Other lessons include those on license applications, qualifications, types of licenses, escrow accounts and regulations, advertising, environmental concerns, disclosures, disciplinary actions, and real estate practices specific to California.

The Real Estate Practice Course has been updated per Senate Bill 1495 that is effective on January 1, 2024, and requires all Real Estate Practice offerings to include the subject matter must include a component of participatory interaction, whereby the student role plays as both the consumer and the real estate professional. The Real Estate Practice course is required for all individuals qualifying for either the broker or salesperson real estate examinations.

Student Required Fair Housing/Bias Exercises

California requires students to complete an interactive fair housing component for course completion. Please complete the following exercises.

  1. Watch Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt’s video How to Check Your Unconscious Bias: on our website to learn where our biases stem from and how to identify the stereotypes that may impact how we relate to others in an unconscious manner. Discuss what you learned about bias. What was surprising?

What was surprising?


       2. The Martinez family is looking for a larger home to accommodate their growing family. You’re their agent and you show them a property that meets their criteria. They ask you, “Are the schools any good around here? What’s the students-per-teacher ratio?” Have students break into pairs and role-play: one person is the buyer; the other person is the agent and answer the following questions:


a. How should the agent respond to the client?

b. What are some sources of information that agents can refer to their clients?



c. How can the agent prevent violating fair housing regulations in their response?


       3.  While on caravan viewing new listings, you overhear another agent from your office, who is a close friend, make a comment about the racial makeup of the neighborhood. Have students break into pairs and role play: one person is the agent who made the comment; the other is the agent who overheard it. What should the agent who overheard the comment do? Discuss possible solutions.


Please write down your thoughts:


For the agent who made the comment.

For the agent that overheard the comment:



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Like all courses at Approved Real Estate Academy California Real Estate Practice takes advantage of a number of different learning tools and interactive features all designed to make getting your California real estate license faster and easier than ever before, so you’ll have the best chance of passing your exam the first time.

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