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“Offers one of the best well-written, focused and to the point online lecture course materials. They accomplish exactly what you’d want, hitting all the high points and fleshing out important themes.  You
really can’t go wrong with Real Estate Express & Approved Real Estate Academy.”
Real Estate License Course Review 2024
“Experts from the field of online learning tell us to expect a wave of educators adapting course and testing delivery for effective delivery on small touch screens. The appeal of true self-paced learning with no location limitations is too big to ignore and Approved Real Estate Academy is leading the way..””An award-winning E-business developer….Thompson is one of the industry’s earliest patriarchs, the e-business expert that the other e-business experts call when they want the straight story – or the bottom line….” Cold Fusion Developer’s Journal 2018″Scheduling conflicts and class capacity restrictions are history. Students can take the class,
complete the test and get certification all online. [They] will never take classes the traditional way again!”, February, 2024“Speed and professionalization rule. G. Liam Thompson…uses {a} revolutionary business model as a template for achieving e-business success.”
Realtor.Org, March 2023
“…proves that any organization can tap into the power and speed of the connected economy… “RevistaDigital, May 2023
E-Business To Go, March, 2023
“The most experienced online real estate schools in Southern California….take classes anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.” Home Business Opportunity, January, 2018 “Simplified training…accessible 24-hours a day. Positioned to meet the training demands of the future.”Journal of Business, November 1923″A state-of-the-art training site.” E-Learning Magazine, September 2023  “The days of boring classroom lectures for real estate professionals are over.” RE Educators Journal, June 1923   In The News

Jim Forde
Approved Real Estate Academy
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