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Performance Guarantee

Approved Real Estate Academy has set the standard for safe, simple and reliable online real estate license course delivery. Approved Real Estate Academy and our partner Real Estate Express are consistently ranked #1 by both the media and our customers. We utilize the latest in high-speed redundant servers installed in different locations utilizing four different access points to the Internet backbone, effectively reducing potential down time and ensuring your courses, records and information are available when you want them. We are confident that your online training will be the easiest and most reliable in the industry.

We are happy to offer the easiest and most reliable online real estate education experience in the industry. And no matter where you are you can take our Real Estate License Course with confidence.

From time to time all electronic equipment will either need repair or maintenance, or not function properly. Good examples would be your automobile or computer. We use double and sometimes triple redundant systems to help keep ApprovedRealEstateAcademy.comm online, viable, and available to our students 24 hours a day. We have maintained online viability at a rate of more than 99%, the highest in the industry.

All internet based systems like this one are dependent on the larger worldwide Internet, and equipment and systems not in our control, there may be rare occasions when the system doesn’t function or seem to function up to our high level of performance. If that which rarely happens does happen to you, please let us know by phone or email. It could be something in your system, something you are doing incorrectly, a problem with our system, or within the greater Internet – but our technical and customer service teams are here to help solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

If you do let us know of the problem, we guarantee that if it is within our system, we will have it located and corrected in 24 hours or less. If the problem is within our system (not the greater Worldwide Web, your local ISP, your system or user error) and we do not fix it completely within 24 hours, and you do not wish to complete the course, we will give you your money back. We guarantee that your courses, your certification, and the online learning process will perform as we promise- reliably and repeatedly – or your money back.

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