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The Approved Real Estate Academy Success Formula

Ramping Up Your Skills by Ramping Up Your Practice Exams

Can you imagine how it feels to wake up on exam day for your Real Estate License, knowing that you are not only prepared topically and mentally to ace your test, but also constitutionally? We’ve heard from thousands of real estate salesperson and broker candidates over the years and one common theme always resounds:

To pass your test the first time, it’s not how much you know about real estate,
but how well you’ve been trained to pass the real estate exam

I passed the first time. So can you. Love the Approved Real Estate Academy program.

What is critical to success in passing your licensing exam the first time is the ability to retrieve knowledge from your memory quickly and accurately, regardless of the difficulty level of any individual question, or the stress level of the process. Only Approved Real Estate Academy’ Exam Prep Master gives you an Exam Practice system that automatically gears up the difficulty-level of the Practice Exams you take from day to day, making sure you are at your peak performance quotient right before you sit for your actual licensing exam. If you take and pass all of the Approved Real Estate Academy’ Exam Prep Master practice Exams in linear order according to our instructional-design, including the Definitions, Math and California State-Specific exams, and finish with the two Final Exams just a few days before your test-date, you will pass the first time – GUARANTEED.

Here’s how we build your “Peak Performance” skills:

You Build Your Foundational Knowledge with Practice Exams 1-5
Exam Prep Master gets you rolling with five medium to moderately challenging exams with the exact mix of current national and state-specific questions, delivered to you in a manner and form that that approximates what you will see when you sit for your state licensing exam. Each of these 5 practice exams
is unique, and includes the same portion of often ambiguous, often intentionally misleading questions that tend to surprise people at the real exam. By the time you have mastered the fifth exam, you’ll be ready to move on.




You Sharpen Your Wisdom and Test-Taking Abilities with Practice Exams 6-12
Beginning with Exam number six, Exam Prep Master then heats up the difficulty through the means of seven more unique practice exams, again with the perfect mix of current national and state-specific questions. These practice exams blend state and national questions randomly, only this time you’ll see some of the more challenging and unique elements that have been known to appear on your licensing exam. These are all new questions and answers, and include comprehensive explanations, instructional designed to make you confront the most difficult questions now, so that you will not be surprised nor thrown off when you see them again on exam day. Once you’ve run the paces and passed these practice exams, you then move on to the refiner’s fire with the next three special practice exams.




You Refine Your Skills with the Definitions, Maths, and California State-Specific Practice Exams
Talk about turning up the heat. Exam Prep Master then makes sure that you are at your top level of “© Peak Performance” with three additional themed exams, focused on the three key areas that have so often surprised students during the actual exam. Each of these 3 practice exams is unique, and highly refined, to help insure that there will be no real estate word, phrase, calculation, state law, rule or regulation that will surprise you come exam day. Past students have especially appreciated the powerful aggregation of “California-only” practice exam questions, which often make the difference between passing and failing the first time out.





Once you’ve finished these practice exams, and successfully mastered the critical “California – only” exam, you’ll be ready to simulate the real deal with two Final Exam practices.


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