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Student Success Stories has served professionals from all over Southern California. Every week Approved Real Estate Academy receives comments from satisfied students, many of whom experienced the Approved Real Estate Academy  fast and flexible online system for the first time. Here are just a few recent comments. We’d love to hear from you, too!

I Passed the Exam the First Time!!

I just wanted to write to you and say thank you and let you know about the success that I had taking your course. I started the course and finished about two and a half weeks later. It was great to be able to go at my own pace and make sure that I caught all the info that I felt was important. I took the test three weeks and two days from the day that I started the test and passed it the first time. I was surprised how easy the test seemed after going over the content of the course. Thank you so much for all of your help Approved Real Estate Academy.


Thank You!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Thank You to Approved Real Estate Academy! I certainly enjoyed and found extremely valuable, the Salesperson’s Pre-License Internet course. You can also add to your numbers of those who passed the exam on the first try. Today, I completed and passed both the California State and National portions of the Salesperson’s Real Estate Exam!

I finished my courses!!

“I have recommended your services to several people. I must say I learned more by doing this at my own chosen times than I ever have through two days of lectures in the past. Thank you for simplifying the educational process. Otherwise I would have had driven 200 miles round-trip to the nearest class… at least two times!”


Save Time and Money!

Excellent way to learn, save time and money! And, I can work at my own pace!


Informative and Excellent!

I really enjoy taking my course this way. It very informative and excellent!


It was wonderful!

It was wonderful for me and my schedule!


I appreciate the help!

Throughout the course you have been especially helpful. Your responses have been in depth, to the point and very timely. I know that with many students to monitor it is probably a lot of work to keep up. You did it well and I appreciate the help.


It was really great!

I’ve been working on the course and it’s really great. I will probably finish up this week while the kids are at camp. I am so glad to know about It is interesting and actually kind of fun!




I completed the course and found the method… FANTASTIC… Keller Williams Realty and Approved Real Estate Academy, what a great way to go. Loved it! If you want a spokesman for the course, I’m your man. I think that the best part of it is that I really feel like I learned and retained more this way…



Thanks! Just finished up my course, thought the online method was THE BEST!! Thanks for making it easier on us, will tell everyone I know about it. Thanks again!!


Great service!

I just completed my third class over the internet with your service. I passed both tests and now I have completed my requirements. Great service. Thank you!!


Everything you promised!

Thanks. The course was everything you promised. I enjoyed taking it online and it was fast and informative.


This is the greatest service offered!

I just this minute finished my 12 hours!! This is the greatest service offered!!! I hated going to those classes. Too time consuming and always inconvenient. This way I can do it at my convenience. Thanks so much for the service.


I like how the material was presented!

I enjoyed being able to take these courses at home. I like how the material was presented – not too much information at once (that helped break it down into manageable parts). Congratulations to you for being one of the first to offer these courses online!


I appreciate this service!

Recently completed all courses for the continuing education and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this service. Found all the courses to be fair and informative. Please keep my wife and I on your mailing list for future courses and services.


…made our work schedules and CE manageable!

First of all, many of us here at THF really enjoyed your online courses. It made our work schedules and CE manageable. I hope we can continue using this service in the future. Thanks again!


I look forward to using your service again!

Thank you for providing a quality alternative to the traditional classroom approach to CE. I look forward to using your service again.


Real Estate Exam Master Success Stories

real estate exam
Very helpful!

Scott Mendell

real estate exam
Thank you so much!!!
Thank you so much !!! I passed and your program made the difference in knowing the material and being ready for the California State Board Test.

Kathy James

real estate exam
I wouldn’t have passed without it!!!
I am so glad I used this product. I feel I would not have passed the first time without it. THANK YOU!!

Michele Shadle

real estate exam
Never have enough concepts!!!
I plan to continue reviewing here till my time runs out. Never have enough concepts!

Virginia Davis

real estate exam
I feel that this was an effective way to help me know and understand the appropriate information. Seeing the same information being worded differently was what helped me prepare the most for the state exam. Thanks!

Tiffany Byars

real estate exam
Good Product, Good Value!!!

James Riordan

real estate exam
Passed the Test This Morning – No Problem!!!
I used Compucram at first and failed the test last week. I use your Program and followed the recommended procedure and passed the test this morning. No problem.

Brian MacDonald

real estate exam
Very Helpful!!!
I would highly recommend that anyone that is going to take the State exam to qualify for their License should purchase your Exam package prior to taking the real test. It was very helpful before taking it. Thanks.

Thomas Conry

real estate exam
Not only did I pass but with flying colors!!!
I just wanted to comment on the program. I had taken and passed the state exam right away. The national exam I had to take a total of three times. After the second exam I was feeling frustrated, by just barely failing it, and not knowing what areas I was weak in that was keeping me from passing my exam. I was randomly searching for help on the internet and came across your website. I signed up for it, studied/worked the areas I was feeling less confident, and just kept retaking the exams from your program. The third time up, after using your program, not only did I pass, but with flying colors. I did extremely well. It really helped me, and I only wish I had found it prior to taking the exams, as it would have saved me about $200.00. I have a friend that is taking her real estate course right now, and I have referred her to your website, as I would anyone who asked me what I thought about it. I will back your product as I am proof, and have proof it works.

Mary Bachman

real estate exam
Practicing did help me!!!
I think these practice exams did help me. There were several things that we didn’t cover in my classes that were covered by Approved Real Estate Academy and did get asked on the exams.

Elizabeth Turner

real estate exam
Thank you!!!
It was the Coaches Commentary, I think, that helped the most! I never would have been able to pass the test(s) without this program. Thank you!

John Shelton

real estate exam
Passed the state exam on the first try!!!
I only used this web site for 5 or 6 days, I didn’t even take all of the tests offered and I still passed the state exam on the first try!

Karen Cmar

real estate exam
Thank you!!
I want to thank you. This program helped me with out a doubt. I told 3 other fellow students about my success with the program and they are now using it. Thank you so much!

John Partyka

real estate exam
I loved it. It really helped me!!!
This program helped me pass the RE exam the first time, I had other various programs that i was using to prep for the test, but this one was the closest to what actually was on the test.. Math is not my strongest attribute, but there was only a few math questions and this program definitely prepared me for this.. i ordered this program one day before my scheduled exam and I crammed it. The way all the answers were explained so easy to remember, I loved it. It really helped me. Thanks you guys. My advise to the students is to make sure you take these test in review mode and then take all the tests until you score a 80 or better, and you will pass.

Cindy Erovick

real estate exam
Wonderful practice tool!!! great price!!!

Martha Ross

real estate exam
Great way to learn how to take tests!!!
This was a great way to learn how to take tests. I hate written exams, and this really helped. Thank you.

Angel Theriault

real estate exam
This was a life-saver!!!
Thank You so much!!I passed the exam on the 1st try!! I would have never passed without the tutor system. I was 100% prepared and finished the state exam in 1/2 the time. The questions were almost identical on your exam and the states. Keep up the good work. This was a life-saver!!!

Allison Giannini

real estate exam
I would not have passed if I had not bought your program!
I had started practicing with another online prep service when two days before the exam I found out your site. I bought your services and soon realized how superior your program was. I passed on the first go. I would not have passed if I had not bought your program. Thank You!

Karim Ali

real estate exam
5 Stars!
Just passed my state exam thanks to your course! I used the “Coach Format ” throughout my studying. It really helped me understand the reasons behind the answers and terms. Your questions were structured a lot like the actual exam which really made the difference for me! Thanks again! I have shared and will continue to share your site with others! 5 Stars!

Katy Short

real estate exam
Thank you so much for helping me to pass my exam!!!
I tried several other methods, but this was the only one that worked. Thank you so much for helping me to pass my exam!!! I believe that this is the only course that could have helped me to pass. Thanks again for everything!

Steve Youmans

real estate exam
Everything was great!
Everything was great! Thank you. I recommended your program to many friends.

Tatiana Korneitchouk

real estate exam
It was a very helpful training tool!
It was a very helpful training tool. The examinations were extremely useful. They helped me focus my study habits more on what would be on the test. Thank you.

Jason Batey

real estate exam
This was definitely the best money that I’ve ever spent. Thanks!

Dorothy Billingsley

real estate exam
I Passed!
I am writing to let you know I passed the State and National test, thanks to you! The program was fantastic and prepares you for the test questions. Additionally, it gives you the insight what to look for in each question as well as the explanations after you have answered each question. Thank you!

Jon Jean

real estate exam
You saved me a lot of time and money. I will always recommend your service!
I want to thank you for the fantastic program you have. I took my test today and passed without a problem. Twenty seven years ago, I took my educational requirements and passed the test. I went in to Real Estate and stayed until the interest rates went sky high and I couldn’t support my family. I enjoyed the business so much and I decided that it was time to go back in at the ripe old age of 52. I was told by many that I would not be able to pass the test without going back to the classes. Well, I found you guys and within two weeks I was ready and proved them wrong. Thanks again, you saved me a lot of time and money. I will always recommend your service.

Bruce Jordan

real estate exam
I will highly recommend your course!
Just wanted to say thanks. I will highly recommend your course to anyone who wishes to pass the exam at the first sitting. Thanks again!

Michael Orji

real estate exam
This program is fantastic.I followed the program, took the sample exams over and over, and used the review mode to let all the knowledge soak in. I passed the state and the national tests on the first try. Great program!!!

Anthony Bonamico

real estate exam
I got the highest number of questions right of all the students taking the exam today!

Thank you, your content is great. I took my real estate sales person licensing exam today and passed it first time out the gate. The proctor said that I got the highest number of questions right of all the students taking the exam today. I went into the exam very confident, I don’t remember the last time I took a test I was sure I was going to pass. There were several students that had already taken the tests once and failed; they should have found your site. License tutor helped me study the material in the manner the test would be presented. I was familiar with the wording of the questions and was very quick at answering them. It was well worth the low fee. Thanks again.

Kelly Miller

real estate exam
Great Product!!! I signed up for your course on Friday Morning, Passed the State and National Exams 26 hours later!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Marlon Yanga

real estate exam
I passed the exam on the first time!
Elated to inform you that I passed the exam on the first time. I finished my exam in about 20 minutes. I was the first to finish the exam and I am confident that I answered all mathematical questions correctly. I am also confident that I answered all questions covered in your course correctly. I noted that most people taking the exam were taking it again. I recommended your course to others, and will continue to do so. Thank you for your help.

Serafin Lopez

real estate exam
This is a wonderful program!
Thank you so much, I passed my exam the first time! I wish I had looked at your program sooner, I had to re-take my test twice. Thank you again, this is a wonderful program and I will suggest it to anyone who is choosing Real Estate as their career.

Stacey Saxton

real estate exam
This program is the ticket to the skills and information needed to pass the State Test the first time!

Richard Thompson

real estate exam
Passed the state exam first time with a score of 92%!
I”m 63 years old computer technology analyst, took the Real Estate Salesman California State exam in Orange County on July 6th, passed the state exam first time with a score of 92%. I attribute this largely to the methodology and the contents that your program provides. Thanks again.

Helmut Lubert

real estate exam
Thank you for such a great program!
I feel that this program is what helped me be able to pass the test the first time I took it. I loved that after every question I could clarify my line of thinking. That way things did not get jumbled up. Thank you for such a great program.

Kathleen Tripp

real estate exam
Thanks for helping me with my retaining process and the confidence!
This was a great tool for me since it has been a very long time since I have been in school. I was having a hard time retaining information from the book and since I was not (getting) much out of the class I took, I was getting very frustrated.. Taking those tests over and over again help me study . When I got something wrong I would go back to the book to reread the info. Thanks for helping me with my retaining process and the confidence.

Lorene Dunnigan

real estate exam
I have recommended this website to many of the students that have failed the exam!
Excellent program, It helped me prepare for the exam and could not believe how close the questions were to the actual exam. I am very satisfied and I met with Broker today to get started with my career. I have recommended this website to many of the students that have failed the exam.

Brenda Thompson

real estate exam
Thank you for a great program. I passed and got my license (last week.) It’s a wonderful program and I’ve been recommending it to everyone!

Dia Tam

real estate exam
I passed the exam with confidence after doing your tutor program and thank God I found it!
I have taken the California State exam several times not being able to pass. I had almost given up on the whole thing until I found this site. I took the exams, and feel now that I have learned more from this turoring program than anything. I had tried the Disks from Hondros College where I attended classes and it did me no justice compared to this system. I passed the exam with confidence after doing your tutor program and thank God I found it! I”m an agent now and so proud of it! Thank you for the support.

Rae Milkulski

real estate exam
Just wanted to let you know that I PASSED!!
Hello. Just wanted to let you know that I PASSED!! I signed up for your program apx. 30 days before my test and followed your plan. It worked perfectly! I will recommend to everyone I meet in the future who is interested in real estate. I am glad I found you and thanks again. This is the best $ I spent through all of my planning.

Lee Eckroth

real estate exam
Was the best money I’ve invested in my career! Thank you very much. I will be sure to tell everybody who are taking the real estate test about this excellent program.

Monina Ferrer

real estate exam
Thank you for great program!
I just want to inform you that I have passed Real Estate test for California. Thank you for great program. It helped me 100% to be ready to pass. Thanks

Jacek Kullwikowski

real estate exam
No other system can beat you. THIS IS A STEAL!!!!!

Julio Lopez-Caez

real estate exam
I was able to pass the exam thanks to your practice exams!
I just wanted to thank you for your service. I wish I would have known about you before. I was able to pass the exam thanks to your practice exams. They were very helpful. I will pass on your service to other people interested in taking the Real Estate exam.

Joan M. Montoto

real estate exam
Passed the first time! Couldn’t have done it with just the live course required to take the exam. The instructor had such antiquated info that I would never have passed it without your help! Thank you!

Patricia King

real estate exam

Rick Thompson

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