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Coach Commentaries by Jim Forde

Student’s Rave about Coach’s Commentaries by Jim Forde! And You Will Too.

“The Coach’s Comments by Jim Forde really turned the lights on for me. I consider them the reason I passed my exam the first time!”

Coach’s Commentaries by Jim Forde are the difference between trying to memorize thousands of answers, and understanding the why and the wisdom behind each answer. With Jim Forde, Coach’s Commentaries turned on, you’ll know you will be able to ace your exam regardless of the actual question wording or scrambling they may throw at you- because you will have already understood the point!

Imagine walking through every practice exam with one of the most experienced, award-winning Real Estate Instructors at your side, literally “private coaching” you through the tough spots. That is exactly what you get with Exam Prep Master in this mode. Jim Forde, our certified instructors spent over 2 years documenting the reason behind every question and answer.

Every question and answer is thoroughly explained to you, using illustrations and references that are are guaranteed to help you remember the reasoning behind the correct answer, as well as how to look for wrong answers. Jim Forde Coach’s Commentaries are available only through Approved Real Estate Academy.

Real Estate Exam Prep Master

Real Estate Exam Prep Master was designed and developed by the same team that practically introduced online education to the real estate industry. Today, Real Estate Exam Master is available to help you pass your California real estate exam. The Real Estate Exam Master is included in the price of your courses from Approved Real Estate Academy located in Irvine, California and serving all of Southern California.



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