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San Clemente Real Estate School


New Location: San Clemente Real Estate School

San Clemente Real Estate School

San Clemente Real Estate School



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San Clemente Real Estate School – Keller Williams: Jim Forde of Approved Real Estate Academy, is offering live & online courses at the New San Clemente Real Estate School. Call Jim Forde +1 714 875 0979

You can visit the website and get more information on Real Estate School San Clemente by clicking the link:

San Clemente Real Estate School

A few words about Jim Forde

Jim FordeGet the facts about: Jim Forde Keller Williams Tustin Orange County He does his “One Thing” better than anyone – Recruit great agents for Keller Williams. A great recruiter is a special person that has to love their work. The job is tough but without the recruiter most real estate companies will not grow and will shortly be out of business.

When looking for great agents for Keller Williams Realty I am always on the lookout for a person that is doing well but is otherwise unhappy and maybe thinking of making a change, someone who may have made a comment about wanting to go into business for themselves but not by themselves.

I also talk to a lot of salespersons selling every type of product. Quite often I would go up to a salesperson and just say: “I like your style, I like what you are doing, have you ever thought of being a Real Estate Agent. I also spent many a day at a career fair at the local universities. Many grads just can not find work. A Real Estate Agent is a great way for a young person just out of university to make a lot of money.

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