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Books and Audio Cds

California Real Estate Principles Textbook

by Charles O. Stapleton III and Martha R. Williams

Softcover, 490 pages, 8 1/2 x 11″

$25.00 + $9.00 Shipping (purchase)

This textbook is the most comprehensive introduction to the California real estate business. It will serve as an excellent introductory course for the new licensee. A highly readable portrait of the entire field, it covers every area of professional specialization, the intricacies of real property ownership and the fine points of the field.

CONTENTS: The Business of Real Estate – Real Property – Ownership – Transferring Real Estate – Encumbrances – Agency Contracts – Financing Real Estate – Government Sponsored and Other Financing – Escrow and Title Insurance – Taxation – Landlord and Tenant – Appraising – Residential Design and Construction – Land Use – Math – Appendix – Glossary – Index


California Real Estate Practice TextbookCalifornia Real Estate Practice Textbook

By Lowell Anderson, Daniel S. Otto and William H. Pivar

Softcover, 476 pages, 8 1/2 x 11″

$25.00 + $9.00 Shipping (purchase)

Our latest edition of California Real Estate Practice offers practical how to information for the real estate salesperson and broker. Prospecting methods, sample “comp” presentations and the newest listing contracts and disclosure forms are only some of the features of this textbook.

CONTENTS: Getting Started in Real Estate – Ethics and Fair Housing – Mandatory Disclosures – Prospecting – Listing Presentations – Servicing the Listing – Advertising – The Buyer and the Property Showing – Obtaining the Purchase Offer – From Offer to Closing – Real Estate Financing – Escrow and Title Insurance – Taxation – Property Management and Leasing – Glossary – Index


California Real Estate Finance TextbookCalifornia Real Estate Finance Textbook

By Minnie Lush and David Sirota

Softcover, 468 pages, 8 1/2 x 11″

$25.00 + $9.00 Shipping (purchase)

This clearly written introduction to the world of real estate finance in California lays the ground work for understanding how real estate loans get made. It brings you up-to-date coverage of the latest tax law changes, Cal-Vet, FHA and VA guidelines. Electronic loan processing and other elements of the evolving California mortgage industry are discussed throughout the text.

CONTENTS: Nature and Cycle of California Real Estate Finance – Money and the Monetary System – Fiduciary Sources for Real Estate Finance – Semi-fiduciary and Non-fiduciary sources for Real Estate Finance – Conventional, Insured and Guaranteed Loans – Federal and State Financial Regulations and Lending Programs – Junior Real Estate Finance – Contemporary Real Estate Finance – Instruments of Real Estate Finance – Real Estate Loan Underwriting – Processing Real Estate Loans – The Secondary Mortgage and Trust Deed Markets – Defaults and Foreclosures – Investment Financing Strategies – Mathematics of Real Estate Finance – Glossary – Index.
Makers and Arrangers – Securities In the Lending Industry – Third Party Originators – Mortgage Banking – Glossary – Index
he Language of Real Estate TextbookThe Language of Real Estate Dictionary

by John W. Reilly

Softcover, 490 pages, 7″ x 10″

$25.00 + $9.00 Shipping (purchase)

The Language of Real Estate is the result of many years of difficult and thorough work in researching the answers to everyday problems in real estate. Numerous books and articles on real estate taxes, condominiums, appraisal, finance, law, contracts and the like are good source materials for the real estate broker or salesperson, but their volume requires one to maintain an extensive and expensive real estate library. This book is designed to eliminate that problem. Now containing over 3,000 definitions, The Language of Real Estate is more than a dictionary; it is a totally functional real estate reference book – a comprehensive, encyclopedic, single-volume, instant-answer book to just about any concept or question concerning real estate principles and practice in the United States.


The Language of Real Estate Audio CDThe Language of Real Estate Audio CD

A Real Estate Exam Prep Learning Tool by John W. Reilly

2 CDs, Approximate total playing time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

$25.00 + $9.00 Shipping (purchase)

Understanding real estate vocabulary is critical to passing both your class and state examination. Give yourself the edge and pass your exams on the first try with these convenient audio CDs! This two disk set contains the key terms you’ll need to know to pass your exam, along with a handy printed list of the terms.


Track 1: The Language of Agency And Brokerage

Track 2: The Language of Property Ownership and Transfer

Track 3: The language of Real Estate Law and Contracts

Track 4: The Language of Deeds


Track 1: The Language of Titles, Land-Use Controls and Descriptions

Track 2: The Language of Finance and Federal Regulations

Track 3: The Language of Appraising and Property Management

Track 4: “False Friends”


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