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Approved Real Estate Academy For The Millenial Generation Of Agents


“The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 12.2 percent employment growth for real estate agents between 2010 and 2020, which is slightly faster than average. An additional 45,000
jobs will need to be filled within that time period.” 1

“…the untold story is that when Baby Boomer brokers retire, the hole will need to be filled
by Millennials,
who aren’t gravitating to the career. The National Association of Realtors
puts the average age of realtor at 56, and there aren’t enough members of Generation X in the real
estate business to close that gap…”2

With the large number of Baby Boomers retiring and Generation X members not opting for real estate careers, where are you going to find your future sales agents? From the Millennial Generation. The Millennial Generation consists of those born after 1980 who came of age in the new century. The are
the first “connected” generation where technology and social media have always been the ‘norm’. For them, smart phones, web searches and social media are not something to be learned, they are just the
way of life.

So, how do you get Millennials interested in real estate? Let’s look at some advice from the experts
to see how you can recruit Millennials and how can help you.

1. Offer career support and an opportunity for collaboration.5 Give prospective agents a place to start by having your affiliate link prominent on your website. Connect with them
while they are in school using’s Training Tracker™ Dashboard. Show prospective agents how connected you are from day one.

2. Offer training classes and workshops… providing additional training for your team can
make all the difference in attracting and keeping quality workers.
4 Offer online training
to your new agents in the form of Specialty Designations – including Certified Technology Specialist, just written in 2012. Online designations are a great way to create a staff of experts. Encourage your Millennial staff to become a senior expert; encourage your existing staff to become technology experts.

3. Instead of giving them old, antiquated real estate websites that you own and control, teach them about technologies…6 Use Career Launcher to provide professionally designed, affordable websites with the tools for today’s technology driven marketplace. Each Career Launcher package includes The Top 10 Tech Tools e-book to hone technology skills towards the real estate marketplace

4. Update your career site…[recruits] do their homework online before they pick up the phone to call you.3 Adding a link to is only the first step to show recruits you are serious about helping them get started in a new career. Include links to the department of real estate for licensing information and testimonials from existing agents.

Remember, while commission is important, Millenials are looking for that connectivity they are used to. Make sure your agency is providing that. When it comes to landing a real estate job, “The last you do is worry about commission and the first thing is education,” says Mo Veissi, president of the National Association of Realtors.1





5 2012


For more information contact:

Jim Forde
Director of Education
Approved Real Estate Academy
PO Box 4163
Tustin, CA 92781

Phone (714) 875-0979

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